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A Complete Program

The four-year course leads to a Diploma in General Catholic Studies, signifying that the student has successfully achieved the following:

1. Familiarity with Church Latin

2. Knowledge of Holy Scripture

3. General acquaintance with Catholic Philosophy and Theology

4. Knowledge of Church History

5. General Catholic Erudition


The Diploma represents an excellent knowledge of Catholicism as studied in four major areas: Philosophy, Scripture, Sacred Doctrine and History.


Philosophy: As Brother Francis said, “If you have a broken arm, no one needs to tell you. You are acutely aware of it immediately. However, if your thinking is broken, you do not realize it with the same immediacy…if at all!” The study of wisdom is vital to every Catholic. As the handmaid of theology (supernatural wisdom), philosophy (natural wisdom) helps an individual to organize his thoughts and understand concepts more clearly. What is a logical error? What are the differences between rocks, plants, animals and men? What “ought” we to do? Where does the conscience come from and what does it do? What errors of thought pervade our culture today and why are they wrong? Philosophy opens up, not a just a new world of thinking, but enables a person to see more clearly the things he already knows and prepares him for future knowledge.


History: “History is the laboratory of wisdom.” (Brother Francis) Everything in history either looks forward to Our Lord or back to Him. From the study of history, we see God’s Providence and learn from the mistakes of others. Knowing the details allows us to revel in the heroism of the past and be encouraged as we battle the errors of our own times.


Holy Scripture: The study of Holy Scripture is essential to any Catholic school of thought. Our course of studies will provide you with the historic context, major figures, and commentary from the great minds of the Church on the four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and several books of the Old Testament.


Sacred Doctrine: Without knowing our Faith, it is impossible to appreciate the “pearl of great price.” Using a Catholic classic, the Catechism of the Council of Trent, we will explore all aspects of our holy Faith. In addition we will cover important memory items, prayers, some elementary Latin, and various devotional books.

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